Among Us Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for Nintendo Switch

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Among Us Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for Nintendo Switch

Download Among Us Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for Nintendo Switch for FREE

Secret Event Hats

Change your PC’s Local Time

  • Right click your time on the task bar an the bottom of your desktop and click “Adjust date/time”
  • Uncheck “Set time automatically” and click the “Change” button below “Set the date and time manually”
  • Change the date to October 31st (year shouldn’t matter)
  • Boot up Among Us and make a private game and enjoy your new cosmetics! (Highlighted in red)

After you’re Done.. When you get your cosmetics be sure to turn your pc date back to the current date, you keep the cosmetics permanently now.

Nintendogzrox, Sep 11, 2020

Cool Holloween Items

To get the plague doctor mask, the knife hat, and the rest of the Halloween hats. Should have administrator

  • Step 1: Browse to the date and time settings menu
  • Step 2: Uncheck set time automatically
  • Step 3: Set Date and time to October 10, 2018 at the time of 11:59
  • Step 4: Start Among Us Game
  • Step 5: Wait a minimum of 1 minute, the time should seek 12:00
  • Step 6: Host a local game
  • Step 7: Go to customize
  • Step 8: Completed

Cholo369, Sep 30, 2020

Charles headphones (Bonus)

This is how to get the charles headphones

  • Step 1: Buy the DLC called “Mira HQ skins”
  • Step 2: Go into the game and check the computer

Note: The headphones are a secret with the bundle

Babynicole06, Sep 30, 2020

Mirrored Skeld map

As Administrator:

  • Navigate to your date/time settings menu
  • Uncheck set-time automatically
  • Set Date/time to April 1st
  • Start The game Among Us
  • Yoy get a message saying “You have unlocked Dleks”.
  • Now Host a local game and Pick Skeld
  • Done 🙂

Zalufeq, Oct 27, 2020

Playthrough Strategy Guide

This is guide for anyone looking for tips or general strategies. It is by no means the only way to play, just some things that I find to work.

The main thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be any noticeable differences to your gameplay as imposter or crewmate. Act in meetings the same as imposter or crewmate, and don’t start focusing purely on kill when your name is red. Most of your time as imposter will be spent “doing tasks”. Remember, the main objective for players on either side, above either killing or tasks, is to appear innocent.

I recommend deciding a few things before the game starts, so that you know that your role plays no part in these decisions.

1: Are you going to team up with someone? Generally only do so if you know the person you are going with, and have announced this decision in the lobby before the game starts. That way you don’t look suspicious, or like you’re trying to kill them. Don’t start following the other imposter because you don’t know what to do, because odds are they prefer to act alone. Also, if both imposters are always together, crewmates will figure it out.

2: Which direction will you go? If you aren’t going to be in a group, decide on a direction, and start walking. Then look at tasks. A lot of imposters decide where to go by the flow of crewmates, and crewmates decide based on their tasks. If you just walk a random direction right at the beginning, then you can’t be accused of following someone, or of otherwise being suspicious, since you would have done the same thing either way.

During the game, stick to some set list of rules that both sides can do, either for in meetings or when running around. The exact list is inconsequential, but this will make it so that people don’t find obvious differences in your gameplay. For example, these are some of my rules:

1: Begin every meeting with “where?” if a body was reported. It’s helpful information for crewmates and the other imposter, and basically everyone asks it anyway.

2: If the person who found the body doesn’t say where, it’s a self report. No, i don’t care if you saw green kill them, and I don’t care if we’re both imposters. Tell me where the body was, or I vote for you.

3: Randomly enter and leave rooms. Maybe you’re checking for bodies, maybe you want to make one. Either way, it’s nice to know who’s there for an alibi.

4: Fix the sabotage immediately, unless you’re “doing a task” or on the opposite side of the map. The exception is oxygen: make someone see you do it. Even though imposters can fix sabotage, they are expected not to, so this is practically a free way to prove your innocence.

5: Pay attention to the number of people alive on both sides, and call meeting when imposters will win soon. If imposters account for one-third of the group, call a meeting and vote someone out, or else imposters can double kill to win.

Finally, in meetings, present any information you have, unless you have a very good reason to hide it (e.g. you think pink is an imposter, so you don’t mention that pink fixed lights once). The more you contribute, the better you look. Don’t try to stall meetings unless absolutely necessary.

Try to do tasks, but not at the risk of looking suspicious or getting killed. If you have a bunch of tasks in one small area, do some, leave, and come back later. people tend to get suspicious if you do all four tasks in electrical, no matter how convincing you look.

Make sure people see you do tasks sometimes, especially visual tasks. If people never see you do tasks, you look like an imposter.

Leave visual tasks for last, or at least when a few people are dead. Imposters will kill anyone known too be innocent, since they weren’t helpful for shifting blame anymore. Also, the person who saw you do the task might die before next meeting. Visual tasks are great for removing blame from yourself, and just stating that you can do one will allow you to survive a vote.

Come up with as many ways to find imposters as possible. Players in this game tend to bandwagon well, so fairly weak evidence with no one to back you up is still enough to get someone out most of the time. Just make sure that your reasons are good enough that you won’t be next on the chopping block. Here are some examples:

1: Common tasks – The way that common tasks work is that everyone has it or no one does. If someone is doing a common task that you don’t have, they aren’t actually doing it.

2: Kill cooldown – Most people don’t pay enough attention in the lobby to know if kill cooldown is 20 or 30 seconds. If someone states a number for the cooldown, they probably looked at their timer, especially if they are slightly off (e.g. says 25 seconds instead of 27.5).

3: Out of sight – most games set imposter vision slightly above crewmate vision. If someone sees something from a distance that you couldn’t, that’s why.

Faking tasks isn’t actually a bad thing if you can do it well. Stand at some tasks that takes a long time or that many people struggle with. Want to see if anyone does wires when that isn’t a task? Try to swipe your card for a full minute or start the reactor.

Don’t sit on the cameras. Most people know when they are on and won’t do anything suspicious, plus you’re wide open for a kill. Look for a moment and leave.

Report bodies immediately. If someone finds you looking around or doing a task first, you’re probably getting voted out.

If there are too many tasks, just forget it. Do some, but you won’t win with them. Spend your time looking for imposters.

If you are in a group, never leave each other’s sight, even for a moment. If one dies and the other can’t see them, you have lost all of the benefits of grouping up. Even worse, the other is now the prime suspect.

This last one is half-joke, half-serious: Try to be stabbed. Get the imposters to kill you. If people knew who you were with, they are suddenly very suspicious. If the person you want to be stabbed by doesn’t, you can probably trust them. It’s not a very good strategy, but it can be fun. Also, people won’t suspect you for acting weird as an imposter if you act weird as crew.

Only kill when you know you can escape. Lights out, no one around? Perfect. Everyone else is fixing reactor? Maybe, but make sure it stays hidden while people disperse. Random guy in the hallway? Only if this is the last kill you need or you’re 100% sure no one else is around.

For sabotage, mainly lights, since it cripples the crew’s attempts to find you, and you can stall indefinitely. If there are two imposters, one keeps the lights down while the other gets kills. Only use other sabotage if you need to stall for kill cooldown or think you can win. Never sabotage comms, ever.

Don’t self report unless that’s part of your alibi (I thought they were watching me do trash, but I found them dead when lights came on). It’s almost always better to wait for your kill timer to reset while you get an alibi or another victim.

If people suspect you but don’t have perfect evidence (i.e. didn’t witness a murder or venting), bluff. They don’t know that you can’t do a scan, and they won’t know if they’re dead before next meeting. If there is only one witness, you can still try bluffing. You didn’t see me leaving a vent, I was just standing there downloading. Don’t accuse your accuser, unless you can prevent another meeting once they die. It’s pointless, since you’ll die next.

Pay attention to what the crew does, but don’t go out of your way to get info, since that looks suspicious. If they’re grouping up, turn out lights and kill to have them turn on each other. Don’t kill the one lonely guy, since everyone else has an alibi. Kill anyone who was seen doing visual tasks, and don’t blame them, ever. Protect them, and they will trust you.

Don’t start an accusation, but jump onto one fast. As soon as someone says “red sus”, either ask why, and join without another question, or present more evidence against red, even if red is the other imposter. Act like you want the imposters dead, and wouldn’t mind losing a crewmate or two in the process. Don’t be too ruthless though. If everyone else wants to skip, you skip.
Never tell a lie unless you know that no one can call you on it. Don’t claim to have been in a room you weren’t, since other people may have been there. Instead, say you were on your way somewhere, or in a room where you know that no one was. If the other imposter says their location, and they were alone, you were there too.

Make sure you don’t fall into any easy traps, like faking a common or visual task, since that’s basically a dead giveaway that you are imposter. If you can call someone on it, make sure no one can call you on it.

The other imposter is your friend. You don’t have to stick together, and shouldn’t die trying to save the other, but protect each other when you can, and get double kills when possible. Or have one of you get the other out to look good, but only if you can somehow plan that out during the game without being obvious.

If you are grouped up with crewmates, never kill them. If the other imposter is grouped with crewmates, never kill them. If you absolutely must kill, either have a good alibi when you kill them (I left them to keep an eye on blue, since he was acting sus), or leave them for 1 second to kill before joining up again. Make sure it seems like you couldn’t have possibly killed in that short time. Either way, this is easiest with lights off, since you are almost expected to lose track of each other then.

As I said in the description, this is by no means the only was to play Among Us. However, I have found these strategies to be fairly effective, and thought that I would share. If you prefer to play differently, go ahead. A lot of the fun in Among Us is in figuring out strategies that work for yourself, and refining them when they fail.

Ganndaalph, Sep 30, 2020

Beginners Guide

Attempt and follow groups of people: When you follow groups of people you can see what is occurring and what the other individuals are doing which you are not alone. Due to the fact that all the other people will see what is taking place, this way it is much more difficult for the impostor to kill anybody.

Never ever type excessive in the chat or be the very first individual to implicate somebody: Whenever somebody begins typing a lot of things like: who was it?, I believe it was …, I am not an impostor … Everyone gets suspicious of that individual and they wind up electing you. A suggestion will be to never ever be to over the top, and just type things like: who was it? (once), and if you are actually sure who the impostor is then you can implicate, however constantly have a reason that, like: I saw him in the vents, I saw him kill, he was following me …

If the impostor messes up someplace never ever hurry there: When the impostor undermines let other individuals arrive initially since you never ever know if the impostor exists waiting there to kill you, attempt to arrive with another groups of people so they can see if the impostor eliminates you or anybody else.

When you are the impostor never ever follow people around: Whenever you follow people around they constantly get suspicions of you and wind up pushing the emergency situation conference button and informs everybody what has actually occurred.

When you are a crewmate do all your obstacles and do not stop doing them: Whenever you do a challenge the yellow bar on the leading right corner it fills more each time and once you and you team have actually made the yellow bar get to completion you win, you need to do that prior to the impostor eliminates everybody.

If you are the impostor its much better to kill people in the spaces: You never ever know if anybody is seeing you through the security electronic cameras, the security electronic cameras are just in the corridors and never ever in the spaces, that’s why you should constantly kill in the spaces another factor is that when you kill somebody in a room there are constantly vents in the spaces however never ever in the corridors, so then when you kill somebody in a room you can conceal in a vent and carry anywhere however take care where you carry due to the fact that you never ever know if somebody remains in that room and if they see you come out of a vent they will call an emergency situation conference and elect you.

Imitate you are doing obstacles: When you imitate you are doing difficulties people believe that you are doing difficulties and they do not that you are the impostor.

Since then other people do not believe it is you, if you mistakenly kill somebody in front of somebody else you constantly have to report the body.

If somebody implicates you of being the impostor never ever be aggressive: When you are aggressive to somebody they all get suspicious of you, so a tip will be to just ask reasons that he believes you are the impostor like: where did you see me?, and if he composes back stating you remained in a room with the body or in the vents, however prior to he types back to you, you need to state where you was and with who you was so people think you.

Excellent way to puzzle other players is by putting your name as a color like: yellow and after that when you remain in the waiting room alter your color of skin to a various color like: red which puzzles a lot of people when they implicate you.

CarlaGilcrisp, Sep 30, 2020

Crewmates for newbies

This guide show you some basics of being a crewmate.

Tasks are important because if all the crewmate complete all of them you can win. Did you know that ghost can complete their task even if theyre dead!

What are visual tasks, you may ask, visual tasks are the tasks that other platyer can see you finish, (medbay scan, prime shields, shooting asteroids and more!), if you see someone that makes a visual task, you know you can trust S/he, or people trust you! If you have a visual task dont do it, wait for someone to call an emergency meeting or a boddy reported so you can tell the people to follow you to your visual task localization and show you are innocent! (if visual tasks are off, you can still have a change to get one but the people wont see you do it!)

Commun tasks are tasks that everyone has, i mean, what can i say more?

Cameras,admin and vitals!
With those security systems you can know who the impostor is!

There are 2 types of security, the skeld and the polus! (Mira HQ doesnt have camera system)

With skelds cameras you can see 4 places! Reactor and security corridor, Medbay corridor,Admin corridor and near navigation!

Polus has alot more of cameras, you can see 6 places, (but i dont remember what are the places) but you can only see one cameras per time, so you have to click the arrows to change betwen cameras.

All maps have admin system, so the good about admin systeam is that you can see the whole map but the bad is that the admin doesnt show the crewmates color (it shows yellow to all crewmates), Player on the corridors cannot see and you cant see, how can i say this, I cant explain you so you have to see the photos of this section. So if you see bad and cant see the color, see players that are on the hallways and the real map, why is admin so good?

The impostor doesnt have to go out of the vent so you can see him, even though nobody can see him under the vent admin can! So if you see that a player moved from a place and appeared in other place you know that S/he vented, so you go to the place they vented, and if you see someone coming out of the place there may be a change theyre the impostor. (oh and also dead boddies, but they dont show dead they just see like the yellow teamate)

Vitals only are appears in Polus, the only thing vitals do is tell you if someone is alive or dead (if they are dead it mean they were killed by the impostor). The only thing that works for me is knowing self-reports (self-report is when you kill a person and then report it), so if you see that someone was alive, then killed and the a dead boddy was reported, its a self-report, so whoever did the boddy report is the impostor.

All the maps have the same sabotage and the same answer.

in this you have around 30 seconds to go to the O2 (and maybe 1 more) localication and insert a code, if you placed the code correct the code the oxygen will work again and you will not die.

You have ilimited time to do this task, when you go to the place you have to place all thing on the lime color, when lights are sabotaged, you will see less (when you see less you cant see player and boddies)

When reactor is sabotaged you have 30 seconds (1 minute on polus and 45 seconds on mira hq) to fix reactor, you need 2 people to fix it, you and other person,to fix it just go to the place go to the pad direction and place your hand (you just have to click), and then another person to do the other one! it has to be at the same time, so you cant stop holding mouse 1 or go away.

when communications are disabled you cannot know the location of the tasks (you can still do it though) so go to the place then you have to fix a radio, when the light is on green you have to stop and wait and it will work again!

Medic gaming, Oct 1, 2020

Tips and Tricks

I may not be a god at Among Us, but there are a few tips and tricks that I think can be useful to the average player.

This guide is all about Among Us. Specifically, how to be the ultimate try-hard gamer god at it. But like a lot of other multiplayer games, there is a point at which everyone is as good as each other. I know a few things about the game after playing it for a considerable amount of time that may enhance your experience playing the game, not necessarily allowing you to win every match.


Playing as Crewmate

Playing as Imposter

Tips and Tricks

Playing as Crewmate

Detecting Imposters

You can see when a vent is used through walls. This is useful if you know the layout of the vents on each map. It may not be helpful in pinpointing the imposter, but it can prove the innocence of crewmates.

Faking Tasks
There are many ways of telling if someone is faking a task. Visual tasks, such as weapons and med scan, show a visual indicator if the player is doing a task. However, multiple people can do weapons at once, so it can be difficult to differ from the crewmate and imposter. After every task is completed, the bar on the top left of the screen increases. If someone walks away from a task without it going up, they were faking the task. If you and another player are doing a task, the time it takes to complete the task should be the same for both players. If the other player comes after you and leaves before you, it is possible they are the imposter, but there can be some randomness in tasks.

Suspicious Activities
There are a lot of actions that can look suspicious, but they can apply to crewmates, so it is hard to determine the imposter based on these. If a body is found, and a player is standing over it, there is a good chance they are the imposter. If someone turns around at the sight of a player, they could have just killed someone and tried to cover it up. Following someone or standing still can be very suspicious to others, but this can often be attributed to the same tasks or emergencies. However, imposters could do this to through people off their scent. Then again, some people are just idiots. It is up to you and the situation how much you factor in how suspicious a player looks.

Doing Tasks
The main objective of the crewmates is to finish their tasks. The different types of tasks range from common, uncommon, short, long and visual. Each crewmate is given the same amount of tasks at the start of the game. Once a crewmate has finished their tasks, they need to find out who the imposter is, whilst in the meantime looking for bodies. Once a crewmate dies, they keep their tasks but can no longer report bodies or hit the emergency button. The crewmates only win if everyone completes all their tasks, or all the imposters are gone. If possible, you should do tasks in groups, if not by yourself. Avoid doing it with one other person, unless you know they are proven.

Length of Tasks
Short tasks are the most common tasks given to a crewmate. They consist of only one activity, and are the lowest in terms of difficulty. Long tasks can include multiple tasks, like wiring, or a delay, like the detect the anomaly tasks. They take the longest to do out of all the tasks.

For each map, the emergencies differ slightly, but each one requires at least two people to stop. In comparison to the ten players in the game, this isn’t much of an issue. However, when everyone thinks the other crewmates will do it, it can lead to the emergency being ignored and the imposters winning the game. Essentially, when it comes to emergencies, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are two times when you are able to vote: when a body is reported and when the emergency button is pressed. The person who found the body or pressed the button should be given time to explain the situation, so that common questions like “where?” or “why?” are answered immediately. After they have finished, people can vote to skip or evidence is provided to why someone is the imposter. The person accused should be able to defend himself before everyone votes. However, just “guessing” seems to be a perfectly viable tactic as a crewmate.

Playing as Imposter

Sabotaging is an important skill to master. When imposter, there are three categories of which you can sabotage:

You are able to close doors, for certain rooms, for a period of time. When used correctly, it can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting kills.

This form of sabotaging includes lights and comms. Turning off the lights can be ignored by the crewmates, meaning there’ll most likely to be only one crewmate who comes to fix it, creating a good opportunity for an easy kill. Sabotaging comms prevents the crewmates from seeing their tasks. Sabotaging comms should only be done to slow down the crewmates from doing their tasks, not to get kills

Sabotages that can lead to an instant imposter win, such as reactor meltdown or oxygen depletion, are the better sabotages that an imposter can do. Doing this can bring all the crewmates into a centralised place, making it easy to kill a crewmate on the other side of the map from the emergency.

Kill Cooldown
As imposter, your main weapon against the crewmates is the ability to kill. Each server has a different kill cooldown decided by the host, so the imposter should keep in mind this time when going for kills strategically. When the crewmates are close to finishing their tasks, it may be better to kill one person, report the body and blame someone else for it, rather than waiting for the kill cooldown to expire.

Learning the layouts of the vents and which ones lead where, for both crewmate and imposter, is important. Using vents can both through the crewmates off your location and tell them exactly where you are. You should refrain from using vents as much as possible, as they are a dead giveaway that you are the imposter. Vents are also prone to visual glitches, meaning that a crewmate can tell you are the imposter without you venting near them, because of an emergency meeting. However, vents can sometimes be your only safe way out of a situation that incriminates you. Vents are a risky business, but when used correctly, it can turn the tides of the whole game.

Double Kills
Of course, for a double kill, there must be two imposters. The fact that two people were killed together makes the crewmates think twice before staying in groups. Double kills can be immensely difficult to pull off however, so they can be high risk, low reward. There is no way of telling how much time is left on the other imposter’s kill cooldown, so if you go for a double kill, they may not be able to kill the other person and will be forced to vote you off.

Remaining Undetected
A majority of Among Us games in which the crewmates won don’t end with them completing their tasks, but with them finding the imposter. Keeping your cover is the most important thing to keep in mind when you are playing as an imposter. With so many ways for you to get caught, you should try not to stick with the same people. If a crewmate happens to see that the task bar didn’t increase when you walked away from a task, they might shrug it off, bur if they go on to watch you fake weapons and disappear in electrical, chances are that they are running to the emergency button to vote you off. Try to kill people in obscure rooms of to the side, as you can kill a lot more people in one round.

Tips and Tricks

Tip 1
Stay in groups of three or more to stay safe.

Tip 2
Do visual tasks with more than one spectator, for they could be the imposter.

Tip 3
When you finish your tasks, say so as soon as possible. If people see you running around the ship not doing tasks, it makes you look suspicious.

Tip 4
Don’t kill in high traffic areas or places with multiple tasks, unless there is a vent nearby. Kill in obscure areas to lower the chances of you being caught red-handed and delay the body from being found.

Tip 5
Don’t try to get people to follow you. It makes you look suspicious to the other person, or even they could be the imposter.

Tip 6
Stand behind walls near vents. Wait until you see it open and you will likely find the imposter.

Tip 7
Don’t go to the opposite side of the map to everyone else. It makes you suspicious and exposes you to the imposter.

Evidence Isn’t Key
If you are the imposter and are being accused of such, sometimes your only hope is to fabricate a complicated story that is half true to save yourself. If you live, probably don’t kill the person who accused you. Follow them, pretend to do tasks and gain their trust.

Zac21, Oct 4, 2020

How be a good Impostor

Do you want to become a good Impostor, but detective crewmates always ruin everything? This guide is for you.

– What is Mira HQ Map;
– What shouldn’t you do as the Impostor;
– 100 and 1 ways to win;
– Locations.

Basic Tactics
Vent system on Mira HQ map is very comfortable for our little Impostors: for example, on the Skeld map we have about 3 vent systems, so you always have to leave your home and run through long halls to find another vent, but not here. Yellow arrows can show you every way and you won’t get caught by annoying teammates.

Don’t kill people right on the spawn; also try not to stand AFK there, your teammates will be annoyed. Leave launchpad as fast as you can and then turn to the left so you can go to the reactor. It will be better if you will get there first, but don’t worry if not; just wait until you will be alone there and turn off lights. Now jump in the vent, go to the office room and kill the first person there. Done? Great. Jump in the vent again and wait a little – soon crewmates will find a body. Don’t tell them where were you when lights were off if they are not asking you; you can use “Any sus?” or “Idk, maybe skip?”. DON’T ACCUSE PEOPLE FOR NO REASON. It never works.

They all skipped? Great. You can use last tactics and kill another person, but better go and fix the lights so they will see you are innocent. They won’t be sure but maybe you will get an alibi that will work with 50% chance. Time to kill again. Go to the reactor and stay there acting like you are doing a long task: if two or more people will see you doing literally nothing they will call you sus; if only one person will come to the reactor, kill him and vent – better go to the admin room or cafeteria. Find a person who will see that you are not near the reactor and then DON’T GO TO THE REACTOR AGAIN, wait until they will find a body. If you know that someone is safe, tell people about it and be kind to them; Impostor won’t tell everybody that another crewmates are safe, but you need an alibi, don’t you?

The End Of The Game
We are slowly moving to our victory, time to be accused for no reason. Tell them that you did a scan; with 50% chance nobody will check this information, but you will get an alibi in someone’s eyes. Don’t care about logs – crewmates never check it, so enjoy your venting and feel free! Keep turning off lights, oxygen or the reactor; you can fix something if you want to. I don’t recommend turning off communications, it’s useless when the task bar isn’t almost full. Show middle fingers to Kick people with discord or cheaters, they always ruin your game. Take a deep breathe and kick them, they deserve it.

Here we are; you killed everybody except two people. Now nobody cares about your alibi – show your sharp teeth and break the reactor. They don’t have choise – now emergency button is not working. Follow them to the reactor until your cooldown won’t let you kill one of them. Congratulations! Now reconnect to the server after winning and don’t forget to write “gg guys”.


  • Never be rude;
  • Never blame people who did a scan or who has a good alibi;
  • Never blame people when there are a lot of crewmates alive – you will be next;
  • Never kill a person if everybody else is walking together. You will be accused.
  • Never jump out of the vent in front of a person if you can’t kill him. You will be accused, noob.
  • Never take a risk. It never works.
  • Never be AFK, teammates will kick you.
  • Never kill people on the spawn after being AFK there.
  • Never report a body if you just killed a person – self-reports are not good if you are bad at lying.
  • Never kill people with pets! Do you really want this little crewmates to be sad?

Here is a list of all the locations on the MiraHQ map: you may notice that some locations differ from those on the Skeld map, so a lot of players don’t know the names of the rooms or call them in other ways. I will help you with this and write some examples.

  • Launchpad
  • MedBay
  • Communications
  • Locker Room
  • Decontamionation also know as “this closing doors which you should open ehhh idk what’s that I’m new here”
  • Reactor
  • Laboratory
  • Office also known as “Electrical”
  • Greenhouse also known as “O2”
  • Admin
  • Storage
  • Cafeteria
  • Balcony

Little Advice For Every Player
Don’t use cheats or tell your Discord friends who killed you – it always ruins a game for another players. Be a good astronaut and love your teammates so they will never understand that you are an Impostor love you too.

Der Konig, Oct 12, 2020

How to survive as Crewmember!

Ok this Guide is playing in the Standart map that is played the most named The Skeld! U can use most of the Tipps on the Other maps!

Game starts
Game start: When this is your first game of Among Us then u need that to know. Electrical is the OP Spot for Impostors! When the Game starts have u a 60% chance to have one or two task in there. Run in the first second right to electrical bacause the Kill Cooldown of the Impostor with Standart Options is at 30 seconds. You can click at the Start of the game on the “Shhhh” to skip the animation and get one or two seconds more time.

Trust no one!
Its Bad when u are trusting ur best friend when he tells u im a Crewmate. In this game its all about Strategy and Lying. BUT u can Trust People while the do a Visual Task (To that later) or when one or two people can confirm him seeing doing a Task or a Visual Task even if they were going as a group together!

Visual Tasks
Okay we all know what a Task is and that Impostors cant do that! But Visual Tasks are Tasks they will go do an Animation. The MedBay scan as example they are going to do a scan as in the Name they are going a green scan from down of you to the Top! Its a Visual Task.

In Weapons is the Asteroid Game when someone doing it go straight to the Right of Weapons to watch the Shooters there are Shooting. In Storage is a Visual Task at the Down when u activate the Lever the Trash is going out. In Shields is a Visual Task too! When u do it u see at the Right light School Lamps are going on when someone doing it! When u that someone do a Visual Task but no Animation is comming run right to the Emergency Button in the Middle of Cafeteria and tell everyone what u saw!

Prove urself!
Okay when u see u have one of the Visual Tasks. Try to find a group with two people! when u find no one u can go to Admin the Left of the Table and watch how many People is in which room then go straight to the room where the People are and stay with them until they are in the room were the Visual Task is! When u find nobody wven if u saw nobody in Admin press the emergency Button and tell everbody to follow u to the Room were the Task is.

Finding The Impostors!
Trust no one as i said at a Recent Tipp. So when u see someone doing a Task u can stay still and watch them doing the Task when u saw them going away from the Task look at the Right Left of the Screen there is a Total Task bar if they go up they are safe but they can go awy from the task 1 second later so when iut goes up and Immedently go away stay away from that person! But when they go 1 second after the bat goes up u can trust them but not too long is may be a quincident! In Admin they need the longest time so dont blame soneone to do not they’re task in admin because the Card swipe is for most of the Players Hard. Okay but when someone do no Task u need to press the emergency button and confront the Person with that. When no Body was found in a few minutes press the Button and check if everyone is alive u can check it in Admin too at the Left side of the Table. Go around a long time with a group of three so that u can all prove each other that they saw nobody vent or kill. U can check in security the cameras if somebody go as example to Navigation and not coming out they are maybe vented. And when is an Emergency meeting ask some people wehre they were and where they go and what the do before the meeting and if u know something is a lie co,front him and ask everyone what to do in that Situation! The cameras are not effectet of light sabotage.

When a Sabotage is in Lights on the Top left of the screen they’re is standing what was sabotaged u need for Lights go to electrical and press the levers so the lights are all green when two people are there do nothing but standing nearby them so if somebody die u need who it is. In communations u need to go to a box in Communications a use the right button to turn him up and down so it is exact the same like on the left of the swings. in Reacor the Sabotage is that 2 People are going to the bottom and up and scanning the Hand. Oxygen can be Sabotaged too! u need then to go to Admin and O2 to type in the Code that is standing nearby the numbers.

A pointer points to the location where u need to go! so u dont need to look at the Map. U need to do both the crewmates must do it all too! 2 diffrent people do as example O2 then the 2 codes are entered so nobody need to do both. But u need to go there as if someone fails or dont do anything u can type it in and dont get Suspicion!

At the the Emergency Meeting
Tell everyone were you wnt from the beginning of the game or when the last emergency was. Who u saw what u saw and what u did. And get an Aliby by going to do a Visual Task in the sight of someone. Or going in a group of 2 or more to get an Aliby. Ask people what they were doing when they ask you!

The End and last words
Ok when this is all goes right u have a Victory on the Side of a Crewmember! Soon i will do a Guide at the Impostors side >:)

Sorry for my bad English bcs im german and i cannot write so good in english! Okay i hope u liked this like so pls give me a Like or a comment maybe Steam Points :O and yea Thx guys! And yea Good Luck and have fun with Among Us!
Btw this is my first Guide!

SnawaHD, Oct 23, 2020

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