Among Us Hack: Download Among us Mod Menu Apk v2020.11.17

unnamed - Download Among Us Hack: Download Among us Mod Menu Apk v2020.11.17 for FREE - Free Game Hacks

Among Us Hack: Download Among us Mod Menu Apk v2020.11.17

Download Among Us Hack: Download Among us Mod Menu Apk v2020.11.17 for FREE

Introduction to Among Us Mod Menu Apk Hack:

As the name suggests, it is related to something among us; that thing is an Imposter. You need to find out the Saboteur who is among us(the players) in the space ship. To ready ship for departure and finish your space tour. In this article, we will also introduce a mod menu that will help you in being the imposter always and fake voting. Hence, Enhance the joy of playing this popular sci-fi game with your friends.

  • Download Among Us Mod Menu Apk v2020.11.17 with Latest Hack features. Auto Aim, Auto spot, Kill faster, Always Imposter, Complete Task, No Ban, No-kill cool-down time, Infinite Emergency Meetings, Wall and Speed hack. 
  • Besides, All pets, hats, and skins are unlocked.
  • Also, the beta version of this Among Us Mod Menu is tested by our highly skilled developers and many valuable users.
  • Download Among Us Mod Menu APK Hack from the below download link and enjoy the following features using this modded hack apk
  • You will have various hack available like Imposter, Mod Menu Unlocked, Always Win, Unlimited Emergency meeting, Speed hack, and many more hack that you will enjoy after downloading this hack apk.
  • Mod APK Hack is working perfectly, and our trusted team tests it, and we got a good reply from the visitors.among us mod apk

The name of the game Among Us basically means Someone Among Us is the imposter. This is certainly the game of betrayal. So, The one who is perfect at telling a lie would be as perfect in playing this game. Well, you want to win Among Us without breaking your virtue of honesty? Oh yes, you are in the right place. We can help you with this. Above all, The hack we will discuss will help you win the game without putting down your dignity. Also, it would help if you found out the saboteur to depart the ship. So, Let’s discover Among Us Mod Menu.

 Among Us Mod Menu Specifications:

Name of GameAmong Us Mod Menu Apk
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Latest version2020.11.17
Among Us DeveloperInner sloth LLC
Google Play Store linkcom. innersloth. space mafia
Among Us Mod PricingFree Download
Apk Download Size77.02 MB
CategoryScience Fiction Game

among us mod menuamong us mod menu

Features of Among Us Hack: Mod Menu APK

  • Complete Task: That is to say, You need to complete the space ship as fast as anyone else can. So, Complete the task /objectives of Among Us with this mod menu.
  • Auto Spot/Aim: Now, keep Surveillance on other crew members with Cameras and maps in the mod menu. Also, Spot any other player and easily target them.
  • Always Imposter: Besides, Enjoy always Being an imposter just by always selecting imposter hack in the mod menu Apk of Among Us. Also, you can know who is the imposter in the game with the help of this cheat.
  • No Ban: Most of the mod Apk available on google ban just within 3-4 days of install. But, we promise a no ban Among Us mod menu Apk. You can rely on us for durability. It is a very unique mod which will save you from getting banned from among us the official game.
  • Kill Fast: Does it take time to kill players without getting in the eyes of other players in Among Us? Now, Kill quickly with blazing fast speed by using this mod menu.
  • Wall Hack: See through the walls to spot and see the crewmates across the walls of a space ship. It is also a nice hack which you will like most.
  • Fake Vote: After every round in Among Us game, you need to vote for guessing the imposter. With this mod menu hack’s help, you can easily cheat in voting by changing your vote.
  • No Kill Cooldown Feature
    Using this Among Us MOD APK allows you to get zero kill cooldown time, which means that you can make double or triple kills all by yourself. This is by far the coolest feature that you get in this Among Us Game MOD APK.
  • See ghosts and chats Feature.
    Using this feature, you can see Ghosts and Chats, which will immediately let you know who the imposter is. This is a great deal if you are a Crewmate, and you will become the star of the crew and thus become a hero in front of your crew.
  • Wall Hack Feature on Among Us MOD APK
    Using this hack lets you see through walls and obstacles, and thus it is a convenient hack. When used with the kill the farthest player hack and 2D radar hack, this is the most advantageous hack in this game. This will help you kill the farthest player by detecting it using the 2D radar and avoiding walls and other obstacles using the wallhack.
  • Instakill Hack on Among Us MOD APK
    This feature helps you quickly kill players in succession without any delay and comes very handy to you in this game if you play an imposter’s role, leaving the crewmembers clueless with no time to react to it.
  • Lighting Hack on Among Us MOD APK
    This hack enables you to see even if the lights are out and helps you in many ways giving you an upper hand in detecting other players in the game, be it crewmembers or the imposters.
  • Unlimited Skins, Hats, and Pets
    This Among Us MOD APK also gives you unlimited skins, hats, and Pets so that you can do a little showoff to your crewmates.

Additional Hack Features-

  • Unlock all skin
  • Unlock all pet
  •  Also, all hats

among us mod menu

Download Latest version: Among Us Mod Menu Apk

Download Mirror Link: Among Us Apk 

Download Mirror Link 2: Among Us mod menu hack apk

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Method of Downloading and Installing Among Us Mod Menu APK:

  •  First of all, Download Among Us Mod From Instachronicles Official Website.
  • Then, Uninstall Any Earlier Modded or unofficial version of Among Us Apk installed on your Android/ios device.
  • Now, Allow installation from the non-trusted Source option in Settings of your Mobile phone.
  • Finally, Install the Among Us Mod Apk v2020.11.17 and Enjoy the Mod Menu

Among us mod menu

Download and Installation Guide of Among us Mod Hack APK –

  • First of all, Download the Among us Hack APK from the below download link provided
  • Now save it in your storage.
  • Now click on the icon and install the mod apk by allowing an unknown source.
  • Now Open the Among us Mod APK. 
  • Now you will see the mod menu icon, click on that icon and enjoy the hack in Among us.


Method 1: Among Us Mod Menu APK for Android

  • Delete the previously existing Apk file or game in the device.
  • Download the latest Among Us MOD Apk/iOS from the available third party link.
  • Look out for the corrupt file; if then, delete it immediately.
  • After downloading successfully, search for viruses if downloaded by mistake.
  • After downloading and removing the virus, install the app on the device.
  • Now open the Among Us Mod APK on your device; you will see a mod menu there.
  • Click on the mod menu, activate your favorite hack, and enjoy Among us Hack.
  • Done, you have successfully installed Among Us Mod APK on your Android Device.

Method 2: Among Us Mod Menu Hack for iOS

  •  First of all, download Among Us Mod Menu Hack on an iOS device by going to the below download link provided
  • Now install the Among Us Mod Menu Hack on your iOS device.
  • Now open the Among us Hack App on your iOS device.
  • Now enjoy Among us Mod app on your iOS device with hack features enabled in it
  • Done, you have successfully installed among us mod hack app on your iOS device.

Method 3: Among Us Mod Menu APK in PC

  • First of all, download and install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC
  • Now Download Among Us mod Menu APK in your PC
  • Now install among us mod menu apk in your pc using bluestack Emulator App.
  • Now open the hack/mod apk on your PC using Bluestack Android Emulator.
  • Now Enjoy hack features of Among us Mod APK on your PC
  • Done, you have successfully install Among Us Mod Menu APK on your pc


Absolutely yes. However, there had been certain rumors that the device needs to be rooted before installing the Among Us Hack MOD version of this game, which is not fully wrong. Root devices don’t need to take any special measures to be done to login into this Among Us Hack MOD app; however, those who haven’t rooted their devices can also log in, but they have to uninstall the Facebook App first before logging in. But can later be downloaded after logging successfully in-game.

People Also Ask for Among Us Mod Menu Apk:Among us hack mod menu

Why is Among Us so popular?

As I Believe, it’s just the boredom of Covid-19 which made people attracted to this game. In addition to fun, it helps to connect with friends and family, which doubles the happiness.

Is Among Us free?

Among Us is free to play the game with some paid features for everyone. These features will cost from $0.99 to $2.99. But, here in our Mod Menu, You will get all those features unlocked for free.

How do I join games Among Us?

As Simple as a left-handed game, follow the steps given below.

  1. Head to Online on the Main Menu and select Create Game.
  2. Now, you can choose a map and edit any of the game settings.
  3. From here, you will receive a room code that can be shared with other players.
  4. After that, Your friends can now join if they enter the code.
  5. If you set the room to Public, any random players can also join your game.among us mod menu

Can you play Among Us by yourself?

Among Us need a minimum of 4 players to play. Enjoy Among Us mod menu APK/hack with your friends and family. After when there will be 4 players then you will able to play when there will be enough player then it will be more fun.

Can you talk in Among Us?

Without a better conversation, the Among Us is not complete. So, chatting with team members is the most important role in the game. To successfully survive and complete every Objective. So hence you can talk to then in massages.

want to hide your name Among Us?: Hide name in Among Us mod menu

How do I change my name in Among Us?

  1. First, enter into a game by going online.
  2. Above the Host option, there will be a name box.
  3. Here, you can choose any name you see fit.

How to mod in Among Us?

Different Among Us mods and hacks are there in the mod menu of Among Us Apk. So, choose which mod you want and Conquer the Game.Among us hack

How to install among us mod menu

Firstly, uninstall any earlier mod already installed. Then download mod from InstaChronicels. Also, Allow installation from trusted sources. Finally, Install Our Latest Mod Menu APK. You have to visit your setting and then you will find the Unknown source option in the additional setting.

How to get among us mod of always imposter?

Among Us game gives true pleasure whenever we play as an imposter. Then killing everyone else to ruin the departure of Space Ship. Thus, Download the below Always Imposter Mod Apk. You will surely get a great experience with it.


Download Among Us Mod APK with Mod Menu Latest VersionAmong us mod menu

Click here to Download Among Us Mod APK with Mod Menu Latest Version for Free


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