Cheating In Among Us Makes No Sense

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Cheating In Among Us Makes No Sense

Download Cheating In Among Us Makes No Sense for FREE

Even though it is always fun to win a round of Among Us, it is not worth breaking unspoken rules and collaborating outside of the game.

There are few things in video games as satisfying as winning a round of Among Us, but this is only the case if everybody plays fairly. As soon as one player decides to cheat in order to win, it not only ruins everyone else’s chances, but also significantly takes away from the fun of the game. There may be plenty of ways for players to cheat in Among Us, but doing so is completely pointless.

One of the most common methods of cheating in Among Us happens when two people communicate outside the boundaries of the game. Dead crewmates normally cannot speak with their living teammates, but if two people are in the same room or on the phone it becomes possible to continue discussing the game. Sometimes a recently killed crewmate will reveal the Impostor to their friend, allowing the living player to then accuse the Impostor at the next meeting. One of the most fun aspects of Among Us is correctly deducing the imposter, and being told exactly who it is without having to work hard to find out ruins the round for everyone.

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Another type of Among Us cheating occurs when a crewmate intentionally sabotages their team in order to help the Impostors. One instance of this occurs when a Crewmate neglects their tasks after death. Although it is usually an accident, occasionally a player will purposefully ignore their tasks while dead in order to give the Impostors an advantage. Impostors then have more time to make safe kills, and Crewmates can only succeed by figuring out who the Impostors are. Even if a crewmate is unhappy with their team, there is no reason they shouldn’t complete their tasks, seeing as not doing so makes the round less fun for everyone involved.


Why Hacking in Among Us Is Pointless

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The most egregious form of cheating in Among Us is any type of hacking. Hacking can allow for benefits such as boosting a players speed or the ability to automatically detect an Impostor, and these unfair advantages can completely change the course of a round. Players take the risk of being banned if they attempt to hack the game and, considering there is not actual reward for winning a round, it is totally pointless for people to do so. Players should look to report hackers so that every round of Among Us can include people looking to play the game legitimately.

Since Among Us is a “player vs player” game, it is no surprise how competitive it can become. There are plenty of ways that Among Us players can get an advantage in order to win, but cheating simply ruins the fun without any added benefits. Considering the only reward for winning a game is bragging rights, choosing to cheat is unreasonable, and only serves to waste people’s time.


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