Apex legends crash at launch

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Apex legends crash at launch

Download Apex legends crash at launch for FREE

So i will give a long story about this issue, if you don’t care you can go directly at the end in the ***** section and if it doesn’t work (i i will be supprised but who knows) go to the **  section, certainly the answer is somwhere there.  i hope that maybe someone will fix this one day with a patch.



Since the realise of Apex, i had this issue maybe ten times :

– launch apex

– watch the intro video

– having the red loadding logo in the bottom left corner (sometimes you don’t even have time to see this)

– crash, no error message


Patchs of apex or origin didn’t change anything.


It can be triggered by :

– Game invite from friend

– changing graphic settings

– reducing apex

– opening origin in game

– others…


I watch, read and applied all videos or articles related to that issue :

– removing / tweaking easy cheat

– ipconfig flush dns

– tweaking launch option (admin, untick fullscreen optimization, -novid, +fps_max….)

– reboot

– memory priority

– clean %temp% file

– check files / check for update for apex

– desactivate origin in game, cloud saving…



**Sometimes it can be fixed by doing one of this :

– uninstall apex and clean setup

– uninstall origins and clean setup

– uninstall nvidia driver and clean setup

– setup an older version of nvidia driver

– supressing apex video settings file and put it back

– launching apex in window mod or with a different


=> AND SOMETIMES NONE OF THIS WORK. It makes no sense.


What FIX this is … Wait for it… 

I had 2 origins account, and i don t know why, my main account for apex had this issue constantly and the other one never.

Yes, you have understood very well, if i i have  this issue on my main, and i switch on the second, the game work. If i go back to my main, it crashs… Weard.

I tried by switching between these account to :

– tweak the profile and setting files of apex

– activate/desactivate the saving cloud

– make the second crash and launch the main (by suppressing the process in ctrl alt suppr menu)

I was thinking that maybe there is a line of code somewhere, in a file, on my computer or in the cloud  which makes this game crashed…


*****  The FIX is :

So the only difference between the 2 accounts is 89 friends…

The main origin account has 89 origin friends.

My second account has 0 friend.

So i suppressed 59 friends (so it remains 30 friends) and this ******* game WORK !!!

I don’t know exactly, the maximum number of friend you can have to avoid this issue. just try to supress 5 by 5. Maybe it is related to the steam account link, the number of friend online, …


Sorry for the language i m not a nativ ! I Hope it has helped !


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