Apex legends – dxgi_error_device_hung

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Apex legends – dxgi_error_device_hung

Download Apex legends – dxgi_error_device_hung for FREE

[Admin Edit – the NVIDIA driver version 419.17 reports to address this issue. Thanks @Konform103 ]


First day I played for 5 hours, second day I played for 8 hours, during those 13 hours I had at least 10 crashes with the error “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG“.


Third day I had enough, downclocked CPU, Memory and Graphics Card, to below stock, just to be completely sure it wasn’t that. And it still crashed with the DXGI error.


I experimented with texture settings and windowed borderless, as well as a FPS limiter set to 120. Nothing worked, and I did a quick google search and found a thread here on the EA forums, with multiple people using RTX cards saying they had the same issue as me, so at that point I was sure it wasn’t on my end, it was simply a driver issue. I then read multiple reports of older drivers solving the problem, so I installed the 417.35 (December 12) driver for Windows 10 64-bit, over my previously installed 418.81 (February 4), I did not do a complete reinstall, simply started the install and installed it over my previous one, I did not chose “clean install” or even restarted my computer, just replaced the 418.81 files with 417.35, and I then started the game again and managed to play the game for 3 hours straight without a single DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG crash.


I then put the computer to sleep, and the next day I played for another 6 hours without a single crash, and the day after that I restarted the computer and played another 6 hours without a crash.


So the conclusion is that 417.35 did completely solve my crashing, the DXGI error was completely gone.


System Specs: Z370, 9900K overclocked to 5GHz, 16GB DDR4 overclocked to 4000MHz CL16, RTX 2080 Ti at factory overclock (1900MHz) and game installed on Windows 10 Home 1809 (17763.292) on a SSD.


In-game settings: 2560 x 1440 (144 Hz), V-Sync Off, TSAA On, 16X AF, Textures on Medium and Model on High, the rest Disabled/Low/Off. Game still looks great and runs 120-144 FPS constantly.


I am also using ReShade (4.0.2) with LumaSharpen enabled, to counter the blurring that TSAA causes, so there’s no jaggies and looks sharp. (Not caused any issues with anti-cheat, disconnects or crashing of any kind)

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