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Apex Legends: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats That Every Player Should Know

Brace yourself because another battle royal game known as Apex Legends has come into existence a few days ago. Apex Legends is the newest game from Respawn Entertainment and it is free-to-play right now.

In the actual fact, there are lots of great things that set this game apart from other battle royale games. For instance, it can be played in various gaming platforms such as PlayStation 4. Xbox, and PCs.

Apart from that, there is also an Apex Legends hack PS4, Xbox and PC 2019 which allows you to earn free apex coins, free crafting metals, and free legend tokens. As a matter of fact, these are the three major currencies that you can use in the game in order to improve your character, gameplay, and among others. However, the only downside of the hack tool or generator is that it can’t offer unlimited apex coins and legend tokens. Nonetheless, you can also take advantage of the aimbot and wallhack cheats when playing this game.

These are only a few of the many things that make Apex Legends one of the best battle royals games today.

Either way, if it is your first time to play this game and looking for some tips, tricks, or cheats on how to win then you have just landed in the right place. In this content, we will show you everything that you need to know to help your team to become the last team standing.

Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Playing Apex Legends

1. Make use of a survey beacon that has a Pathfinder to have an idea where the next circle is

If Pathfinder belongs on your team, make sure to pay attention to the survey beacon spots on the map outline. Usually, they are highlighted by what looks like a little antenna at the middle of a few coaxial circles.

On the other hand, Pathfinder can also cope up to such devices as well as interface with them in order to show where the following circle will be for the whole team.

Whether you are playing aggressively or cautiously, knowing the right place where you can hole up is very important most especially in battle royale games.

2. For additional loot make sure to shoot the creatures that look like spiders

Hardly ever, the minute you come by supply crates, sometimes there will be creatures hanging around on the ceilings as well as walls of the surroundings. Are you aware that you can shoot those creatures and their bodies will produce loot? As a matter of fact, they are even color-coded with the infrequency droplets to make them more noticeable.

3. Do not Worry about fall destruction

There is no need to be timid about bounding off cliffs, buildings, as well as the supply shops which drifts through the map. In the actual fact, you can fall as far as you can and not take any plummet destruction.

On the other hand, it is always a good enticement to pitch carefulness to the wind and create crazy mid-air kills or some desperate outflows since you do not have to worry hurting yourself most especially when you smash the bottom.

4. Hold the spacebar to climb

In this battle royale game, you are quite mobile deprived of the Titanfall’s wall running. Either way, when you are running to a wall make sure to hold the spacebar. This control will also allow you to cloak up surfaces that are taller than you with ease.

Significantly, it is not restricted to buildings. Find rock formations that are climbable. On the other hand, there are also places on the map which may look unreachable in the beginning but are really accessible with well-positioned jumps. In order to climb all the way up, you need to hold the spacebar. In fact, it is a good method to get drops on people.

5. Set up a shop neighboring a revive machine

One of the most distinct methods of this battle royale game is its capability to resuscitate your fellow players both when they completely out of the battle or drowned. If they have been abolished completely, there is a bit more work that you need to do. But if they are drowned, all you have to do is simply head over and then revive your teammates thru holding the square button.

Scattered all over the map are the various machines that will let you revive your colleagues if you have picked the banner on their dead body. Grab them and bring them to the revive machine. After a few seconds, your teammates will respawn from the skies.

On the other hand, if you want to stay for a longer period, then you should always stay in a place that is near to these machines. But keep in mind that as soon as particular equipment has been utilized, you cannot make use of them again.

6. Play Often

Playing often will give you legend tokens that you can use to unlock new characters and exclusive cosmetics. Usually, they are available on Apex Packs.

But apart from that, there is another way to get such tokens. How? By simply using an Apex Legends hack no survey or undetected hack. With this hack, you will be able to obtain free Apex Legends currency.


Apex legend might be your first ever attempt at the battle royale game genre. So, if that is the case, it is normal that your first couple of games are going to be quite challenging and overwhelming. In the actual fact, the developer of this excellent battle royale game takes on the idea distinguishes itself enough to the point in which you will feel like an apprentice even after breaking your addiction in Fortnite.

Either way, no matter which team you fall into the above-mentioned tips, tricks, and cheats will definitely offer you the advantage the minute you go back in for your succeeding explosion at being number one.

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