CS GO wallhack data setup

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CS GO wallhack data setup

Download CS GO wallhack data setup for FREE


We already spoke about color setup, now it’s time to understand and configure what our CS GO hack will be showing on ESP.

First of all let’s open hags menu. Press ESCAPE then press INSERT. We press escape to activate the mouse if you are in the match already, if not — no need in escape.

cs go wallhack settingscs go wallhack settings

cs go wallhackcs go wallhack

Settings — ESP — View tab

  • active — Uncheck to completely disable ESP
  • players — Uncheck to stop showing players
  • ghost — Uncheck to stop showing bodies which don’t get server updates
  • pickup — Uncheck to stop showing items which you can pickup
  • ESP position block, play with it if you want
  • health bars/scale/border — check to display HP bar, scale makes it size to scale according to the distance, you can also set or remove border about it

Like for me — you don’t need to touch things here, they are OK for 99% users, but you should change something for sure, not for nothing that you read the article :).

CS go hackCS go hack

Settings — ESP — Objects tab

Here we have tabs for every object type in ESP. We can set separate settings for every object type.

  • Draw — check if you want to Display ESP for this object
  • Lazor — check to show lazor (line of sight)
  • Name — shows the name
  • Weapon — currently active weapon name
  • Dist — distance between you and the object
  • Health — health bar displaying
  • Armor — armor bar

In the second section of this tab you can set alpha channel (opacity) for the general box and for bounding boxes separately. Also, you can set here the minimal and maximal distance of ESP displaying, useful if you don’t want to see very far or so. For CS:GO I don’t use it, but it is very good for other game with bigger maps.

  • Bounds alpha — Bounding boxes opacity
  • Bounds dist.min — Mininal bounding boxes distance
  • Bounds dist.max — Maximal drawing distance
  • Hitbox alpha — Big 3D box opacity
  • Hitbox dist.min — Minimal box distance
  • Hitbox dist.max — Maximal box distance

There are such tabs for every object type, set what you need and you are ready to go now!

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