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How To Install WinRAR

Step 1, Go to the provided link above then choose one of the top two download options depending on if you’re PC is 32 Bit or 64 Bit. Then continue to install it.

How to download the hacks file

Step 1, Make sure you have WinRAR downloaded, if you don’t please read the tutorial above, Next got to the download link for the hacks above and download it, once downloaded extract the WinRAR file and open the injector. For this next part please make sure you have CS-GO open, at the top of the injector where it says Process Name put csgo.exe then select the Add DLL  and choose flowhooks.dll file. Then click inject and wait a few seconds and you should see a menu pop up in CS-GO. This is where you will control the cheats. Press the INSERT key on you’re keyboard to put it away and bring it up.



The hack doesn’t show up when I Inject it. Answer: Make sure you have csgo open when you inject it and are on the main screen.

My anti virus keeps blocking it/wont let me install. Answer: Disable you anti virus its not a virus you dummy.

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