Dota 2 tinker scripts for kids

15093489043565 - Download Dota 2 tinker scripts for kids for FREE - Free Game Hacks

Dota 2 tinker scripts for kids

Download Dota 2 tinker scripts for kids for FREE

Dota 2 tinker scripts for kids

Dota 2 Hacks 2018 | Download Scripts Dota 2 [Umbrella]

Download free scripts for DotA, can be lower, cheats for dota 2 do not scorch VAC (at the moment 09/29/2018)

The popular version of additional software for DotA (analog hake. me) is free, constant updates and because of its nature, this hack does not palitsya (except that you will receive complaints 1000 per month)


Download archive with hack for Dota 2

Create a folder for the reader (only English letters, Russian way is not perceived)

Run exe, enter any data

Then press the “Start”

After that you will have a window (see screenshot), you are waiting for the full launch of the stim, enter it, if necessary and only after that click “OK”. After that, the cheat himself will launch a DotA with a cheat.

Functions Umbrella dota 2 hack:

  • Autofit runes.
  • Cooldown Spells opponents, as well as lvl and the very fact of pumping skills
  • Manapool of the enemy hero
  • You will be aware if you (or your ally) see an enemy ward or an enemy character, even if you are in the invoice (it’s against the invocations slacks that come in, you always know when to steal the dastas)
  • MaphakAs soon as the forest spot attacks the enemy character, it is highlighted on the map
  • Change in weather (without items) visual
  • Copies are allocated (manta, rune of illusion, copies of skills, lancer)
  • The game is automatically accepted
  • The ability cast region is visible in advance (torrent, drillstrike, linque strike,

You can check server status here here

There is a private version of the script (contacts eats in software) a lot of scripts, which simplifies the win (for example, a script with skype, with auto-sweep. Auto hook, scripts on the Invoker and so on.

In this version of the free scripts are available:

Keel Steal with the ult of Zeus:

When the minimum CP threshold is reached, any character on the card (considering the resistance (only from the stats))


The maximum effective use of mana, switches Fri to the intellect during the use of the ability (especially noticeable is the effectiveness on heroes of the siloviki who have the smallest mana pool) More mana = more space. Will not switch if skills are used by the script.

Download Tinker script :

  • Combo – full combo on the button
  • Safe Cast Check – if casting in Blade Mail / Lotus – will check to see if you will be killed
  • Draw Damage – next to each character, the remaining HP is drawn after your pissing, (ie if you kill – the number is negative and green) [all damage intensities etc. are counted and calculated, but the number may not be exact]
  • Enemy Selector – selects the hero closest to the mouse in the specified radius. Can skip the heroes with the Blade Mail or Lotus
  • Items usage / Abilities usage – the ability to select items / spells to be used by the script
  • Linkens poppers – knocking down the links / shields AM’a listed in the menu items in order of importance * for the shield AMA does not work items such as hex, orkid, etc.

Dota 2 tinker scripts for kids

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