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Dota 2 Items: Quality & Rarity

Dota 2 has been one of the world’s most hyped and played MOGA games thanks to its legendary predecessor, WarCraft. Even within the invasion of mobile MOBA games like Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, Dota 2 is still played massively throughout the world. Range of local, national, and international competitions have been being held under the title of Dota 2 until now. Hundreds of professional players show different styles and strategies.
Whether you’re a new Dota 2 player or the ongoing one, you should be familiarized with the game items. If you have a projection of becoming a pro player or simply want to improve your play, having a deep and thorough knowledge about the items is not only helpful but also determining. There are diverse aspects of Dota 2 Items but insight below is about two dimensions featured in all items, the quality& rarity. If you want to deepen your knowledge and progress your play on Dota 2, keep reading.


Quality is basically a visual property of items in Dota 2 or simply cosmetic elements worn or assigned to your heroes. No matter how fascinated its name and tier the quality is, it doesn’t affect the performance in the gameplay. Even if you have socketed Auspicious quality to the items, what’s changed is their color and appearance, not the performance. Gems are consumed to redeem particular qualities to the assigned items.

Types of Quality

There are currently tens of quality tiers including Normal, Genuine, Elder, Unusual, Self-Made, Inscribed, cursed, Heroic, Favored, Ascendant, Autographed, Legacy, Exalted, Frozen, Corrupted, Auspicious, Infused, and some other qualities no longer usable. It should be noted that these qualities work as tiers, so you can’t jumping around and it’s a part of Dota 2’s game mechanics. The Normal is the default quality that is embraced as you start putting the items on the stack or you can obtain them on the item drop.

How “Quality” Works

Quality of the items in Dota 2 isn’t automatically progressed as you need to manually assign them whenever possible or you need to. It works by socketing the higher tier property to the lower one on a purchase of gems. For example, you can socket the Genuine items with Elder quality to transform it into an actual Elder item. You can’t just socket it with Inscribed and turn it into an Inscribed item. Even Autographed can be turned into Frozen instantly, it should go for Legacy and Exalted first. Dota 2’s game mechanic applies the priorities and it only allows you to socket the closest-higher tier quality to the assigned items.

Even though they’re cosmetic items, recognizing them could be parts of fun and your achievement during your play. On the other hand, putting a concern in this area help you learn the game mechanic of Dota 2 better. These qualities came through different years and updates so Blizzard may either add or remove ones in the future. We’d discuss the details of these qualities in other articles.


Rarity is another dimension of items in Dota 2 and this, even though sounds intimidating, is actually a 100% cosmetic element. Neither gameplay nor heroes’ performances would be affected by a different tier of rarity. However, as its name, rarity refers to the presence of the common items and the less common one. The rarer items, the more customization you can apply to the assigned items.

Types of Rarity

The rarity in Dota 2 comes in nine tiers just like the quality does. These include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, Legendary, Immortal, Arcana Ancient, and Dota Plus Access. The higher tier, the rarer you would find the properties dropped during the gameplay but once you’ve obtained them, it’s a precious experience. Each rarity is represented by a different color so you can quickly recognize when items dropped through the gameplay.

How It Works

Just like quality, rarity works as properties to particular items. However, unlike the quality does, you can still trade and market rarity-equipped items. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not about upgrading things or elevating particular stats of the items. It’s more like information about the properties assigned to the items.
As previously mentioned, the rarer items, the more customization options you can apply. These include icons, shape, effects, animations, colors, and other aspects. They won’t affect the performance of items or heroes in the gameplay but it’s great if you can customize the items. This mechanic drives players to keep alert on dropped items and enhance the fun of the game.
Rarity properties can be obtained either through game modes, inter-players transfers, subscription. Whenever you’re stuck in valve events or special events, you can obtain these properties from other Dota 2 players. However, the higher tier the rarity requires a more specific way to obtain. On the other hand, there are changes in how to get rare items through Dota 2 updates. Dota Plus Access rarity is only accessible temporarily if you’re a subscriber.
It should be noted that both quality and rarity are inseparable. All items in Dota 2 have both dimensions and all players need to deal with it. You can also treat this game mechanic to monitor your current progress. It boosts your motivation in developing your play as, believe it or not, pro players usually come with rare and quality items. When cursed items turned to Heroic ones, it’s the point of the development you’re looking for. It’s not about how much dollars you’ve spent for these cosmetic items, but this is about how far you’ll fight for them.


Collecting rare and quality items, socketing properties to the assigned items, witnessing the changes of Dota 2 items’ appearances are rewarding experiences. Whenever you play Dota 2 with a friend or when joining the competition, rarity and quality not only become the value of the items but also the value of your gaming personality. At this point, it’s very important to put a proportional concern on items in Dota 2 if you want to consistently play and gain a progressive development.

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