Private cheat for Dota 2 by PROCHEAT

- Download Private cheat for Dota 2 by PROCHEAT for FREE - Free Game Hacks

Private cheat for Dota 2 by PROCHEAT

Download Private cheat for Dota 2 by PROCHEAT for FREE

Cooldown display – shows the panel under the enemy, which displays cooldown, the level of ability and whether there is enough mana or not. You can adjust the panel size using the slider.
Blue – not enough mana
Green – ready to use
Red – not leveled up
Show Hidden Spells – shows hidden abilities: Torrent on Kunkka, Lina stun, Leshrac stun, Lifestealer’s ultimate (which creep has it ), Barathrum’s run (icon over the charachter’s head who has Barathrum’s sight); Sniper’s ultimate(who is ulted) ; Track BH(track effect on the target); Sacred Arrow (glidepath); The Swarm (glidepath)
Manabars ESP – shows the bar of the enemy’s mana indicator.
Jungle Maphack Shows which camp of forest creeps the enemy farms.
Enabled (MiniMap) – display on the minimap.
Enabled (World) – display on a full game map.
Visible By Enemy Visible By Enemy Displays a circle under yourself ally when it is visible(the enemy sees it, the enemy is invisible, creep, ward, or for any other reason) – in general, it works as Slark’s ultimate. It helps you find wards, make successful gankings and also avoid them.
illusion ESP Highlights illusions separately from the original
Show Original – raises the real hero and highlights it in yellow.

Camera Hack allows you to change the standard value (distance) of the camera and removes the fog at a distance. The range can also be changed to the mouse wheel(the menu must be closed)
Weather – allows you to change the weather in Dota without purchasing.
Auto Accept Matches – automatic game acceptance.
Rune Snatcher – automatic runes selection when you get close to them.

When enabled, it blocks the mouse and prevents clicks onto the Dota interface when the menu is open.

Auto Activation: Shows teleportation and ability particles during war, eg. Anti-Mage Blink, Lina’s Stun, Enigma’s Midnight Pulse.
In general – partial MapHack on spells and teleportations.

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