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opengraph - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks

Source Code – Dota Cheats & Dota 2 Hacks

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dota camera changer

credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer

English description:

Change and adjust camera distance in Dota 2 (rerun after each update).

Russian описание:
Это полностью легальный чит для дота 2, делает камеру подальше. Запускать каждый раз после обновления доты. Переведи страницу и следуй инструкциям.

68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f6f5833636c39742e6a7067 - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f6f5833636c39742e6a7067 - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks

Download and install Python 3 from offical website.

Download this repository and unpack files to steamappscommondota 2 betagamedotabinwin
By default: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedotabinwin64

Create shortcut by moving with Ctrl+Shift+Mouse 1 to your Desktop.

Just launch camchanger – Shortcut at your Desktop and ask the questions.

Troubleshooting Windows

Script is not running via link on Desktop, but runs in place with client.dll

Ensure that you pressed Shift while making link. If trouble exists, make shortcut to win64 directory.

Required Python 3.x

# Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint:
sudo apt-get install python3

# Arch Linux/Manjaro
sudo pacman -S python3
Do not download with sudo!

git clone ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer
# Modify path_to_dota (please, replace tilde ~ with $HOME, also don’t escape spaces):

path_to_dota=”$HOME/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta”
# Move in place with

cp ./dota-camera-changer/ “${path_to_dota}/game/dota/bin/linuxsteamrt64/”
# Make bash script at your home ~ folder:

cd ~
echo “cd “${path_to_dota}/game/dota/bin/linuxsteamrt64/” && python3 && chmod +rwx” > ~/
chmod +x ~/
If you made bash script, you can easily just launch terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) after each dota 2 update, type ./dotac, press Tab (you will see ./dotacamchanger ) and hit Enter(Return).

Output example

With 16:9 monitor, I am prefer 1700 distance. But lets make 1234 distance:

Would you like to backup “”? [Y/n]:
Enter camera distance [current=”1700″, default=”1134″]: 1234

16:4 with 1666 camera pitch

68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f4d6765307534652e6a7067 - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f4d6765307534652e6a7067 - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks

5:4 with 1666 camera pitch
68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f38346867614c7a2e6a7067 - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f38346867614c7a2e6a7067 - credits: ivanstepanovftw/dota-camera-changer - Free Game Hacks

import os import re cam_default = “1134” cam_len = len(cam_default) if == “nt”: # if windows lib = “client.dll” # Capture groups is not working as expected with re.sub(), so we will use positive lookbehind and lookahead to_find = b'(?<=x00)d{4}(?=x00x00x00x00dota_camera_distancex00)' pass else: lib = "" to_find = b'(?<=x00dota_camera_pitch_maxx00)d{4}(?=x00)' def main(): if not os.access(lib, os.R_OK) or os.stat(lib).st_size == 0: print('File "'+lib+'" is empty or not exists.') if not os.access(lib+'.bak', os.R_OK) or os.stat(lib+'.bak').st_size == 0: print('Error: Restore file "'+lib+'.bak" missing or corrupt.') return 1 else: is_restore = (input('Would you like to restore "'+lib+'" from "'+lib+'.bak"? [Y/n]: ') or 'y')[0].lower() if is_restore == 'y': if os.access(lib, os.R_OK): print('Removing "'+lib+'"...') os.remove(lib) print('Renaming "'+lib+'.bak" to "'+lib+'"...') os.rename(lib+'.bak', lib) else: print('Error: "'+lib+'" missing.') return 1 with open(lib, 'rb') as fd: content = cam_re =, content) if cam_re is None: print("Error: Could not find pattern. to_find:", to_find, ", lib:", lib) return 1 cam_curr ="ascii") is_backup = (input('Would you like to backup "'+lib+'"? [Y/n]: ') or 'y')[0].lower() cam_new = input('Enter camera distance [current="'+cam_curr+'", default="'+cam_default+'"]: ') or cam_default cam_new = (cam_new[:cam_len]).zfill(cam_len).encode("ascii") content = re.sub(to_find, cam_new, content) if is_backup == 'y': if os.access(lib+'.bak', os.R_OK): os.remove(lib+'.bak') os.rename(lib, lib+'.bak') with open(lib, 'wb') as fd: fd.write(content) print('Done!') return 0 if __name__ == '__main__': exit(main())
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