Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns – How to get Kudos and Crowns 2020

fall guys - Download Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns - How to get Kudos and Crowns 2020 for FREE - Free Game Hacks

Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns – How to get Kudos and Crowns 2020

Download Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns – How to get Kudos and Crowns 2020 for FREE

Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns are something every Fall Guys enthusiast hopes to find on the web. This massively multiplayer party game lets players navigate clumsy, costumed avatars in a free-for-all struggle through a series of life-or-death mini games. In fact, Fall Guys might be the most whimsical battle royale there is, its popularity rivaling Fortnite and Animal Crossing.

Considering that, it’s no surprise there is already overwhelmingly huge number of scam services claiming they can provide players with free resources. Our job, in particular, was never about giving a false hope or information to people. In that case, if you are interested in what we can offer to all Fall Guys fans out there, please continue reading below and learn how to get Kudos and Crowns for free in 2020.

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How to get Kudos in Fall Guys?

As you must know by now, Kudos are among the main forms of currency in this game. You obtain Kudos either through standard gameplay or buy them for real-world money. Whenever you need a quick stockpile of Kudos, you can purchase them in either the PlayStation Store or on Steam in case you’re playing on PC. At this current moment, these purple coins are primarily used so players can purchase new cosmetic items that customize your character.

What’s great about this currency is that you can acquire more of it simply by playing the game, regardless of whether you win or lose the matches. On top of that, there are always the opportunities to earn them through the game’s season as rewards.

How to earn Crowns in Fall Guys?

Crowns, on the other hand, are used for purchasing some of the more rare items in the Fall Guys item shop. You essentially earn them by winning your matches or through season rewards. The fact is – if you want to stand apart from everyone else, you must gear up yourself with those rare pieces. That’s why Crowns are crucial although tough to acquire.

Kudos and Crowns – spending

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Both Kudos and Crowns are used to purchase cosmetic items. Those can be found on the Store tab and feature rotating Featured Items (rotates every 3 days) and Regular Items (rotates every day). These cosmetic items include:

  • Colour – a two-tone palette
  • Pattern – different designs for your colors
  • Face – new looks and colors for your face
  • Upper – top portion of an outfit
  • Lower – bottom portion of an outfit
  • Theatrics – one of four emotes
  • Victory Animations – showcase in the best way possible

What can our service do for players like you?

Although it’s possible – as we just explained – to obtain enough resources through gameplay, we also know that some people need a little help in order to really get to a real Fall Guys experience. Maybe you’re tired of draining your own pocket on a daily basis. We are first here to admit that we would appreciate even the smallest amounts of free resources we can get on our hands. Having access to a certain amount of Kudos and Crowns gives us all the opportunity to progress faster and gain an edge over the competitors.

That’s what our service is here to do. To put it simply, our goal is to make it possible for everyone to obtain the hours-long enjoyable experience. The only way to do so would be through gaining free resources you can use any time you wish.

More details regarding our Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns generator

By using our method, you can feel free to generate as many Kudos and Crowns as you want – meaning, you can use our tool more than once. Simply come back anytime you wish, and refill your resource balance. Our team steadily controls and tests all the latest game updates to ensure that the generator is compatible with both PC and PS4 versions.  Keep in mind that this is a 100% safe online tool and you will never be charged for it, no matter how many times you use it. 

How to use our Free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns generator?

As soon as you click on the Access Generator button, simply follow the instructions we’ve put together:

  1. Enter your Fall Guys username
  2. Select your device
  3. Press Connect button
  4. Select the amount of Kudos
  5. Select the amount of Crowns
  6. Let the generator finalize its connecting  
  7. Complete manual verification by clicking on the Verify Now button

Final words

Bear in mind that we have enough stocks of Kudos and Crowns in our systems for everyone. Therefore, make sure to share this free Fall Guys Kudos and Crowns generator with others and grab enough for yourself. Have questions? Let us know in a comment section below.

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Thank you for your trust and support!

FallHax Team

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