Lambda1VR – How to get started? Install Lambda1VR, the Half-Life VR mod for the Oculus Quest!

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Lambda1VR – How to get started? Install Lambda1VR, the Half-Life VR mod for the Oculus Quest!

Download Lambda1VR – How to get started? Install Lambda1VR, the Half-Life VR mod for the Oculus Quest! for FREE


(Post updated June 01, 2020. some formatting and proofreading by u/inimitable)

Play the original Half-Life with full 6DoF weapons and room scale support, just as if it was a native VR game. Visit for more info (and to donate to the developer if you wish!). Visit GitHub for the latest release notes.

Join us on discord Donate here.

Another write up based on this guide was made by uploadvr if something is unclear in my guide to you, you might check their guide. But read this guide first!

What you need to have:

  • An original copy of Half-Life.The original Half-Life can be purchased on Steam. Note: Half-Life: Source is not compatible. The original CD might work as well.

  • A PC or Mac with SideQuest installed. SideQuest is an app that allows software not available on the Oculus Store to be installed on the Quest. (This is called sideloading. It is not against Oculus’ ToS to use SideQuest or sideload Lambda1VR!) Download the latest version of SideQuest here.

How to install Sidequest!

Install process:

Installation of Lambda1VR using Sidequest

  1. Connect your Quest via USB cable. Run Sidequest.

  2. In Sidequest search for “lambda1vr” **ATTENTION: There are two lambda1vr apps, one is the mainapp and one is just the launcher!! At this point you need to load the mainapp!**

  3. Install Lambda1VR on your Quest. Click Install Latest. Wait for the installation to complete.Read on! You can’t play HL without the original files!

**How to copy the Half-Life game files to your Quest:**MAC users read this! Windows users continue below:

  1. Download original Half-Life on your PC. (Most users will need to have installed this via Steam. HL:Source is not working!)

  2. Open the Quest root folder using the windows file explorer. (The root folder will contain other folders like “Android” and “Oculus”.)

  3. Create a new folder in your Quest’s root folder called “xash”. Locate the Half-Life install folder on your PC. (If installed from Steam, it will be somewhere like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/HalfLife/)

  4. Copy the ENTIRE “valve” folder (whole folder not just the contents) from the Half-Life install to the newly created “xash” folder on the Quest. (This can take up to 40 minutes! It’s better to use the SIDEQUEST FILE EXPLORER, not the Windows file explorer.

  5. Restart your Quest – press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off.
    Ready to play!

Copy over all Files again! Make sure to use the SIDEQUEST FILE EXPLORER! Windows files explorer messes up sometimes, resulting in a broken installation.

Lambda1VR can be found in your Library under Unknown Sources.

Read on to learn about the controls, how to change them, the comfort options and how to improve visuals and performance.

Improving graphics (HD textures and models)

Important: Launch Lambda1VR and start a new game at least once before continuing! It is safe to quit the app and continue reading here as soon as the tram ride starts.

Installing the Valve_HD pack:
The optional Valve_HD pack is part of every Steam installation. This will give you much nicer character models (especially the guard, Barney. The old model looks inhuman!)

  • Copy the contents of the “valve_hd” folder (not the folder itself) on your PC into the “valve” folder on your Quest. Overwrite when asked.-> Note: I suggest to not copy all model files over, but only the Scientists and Barney files, since copying all files can have a noticeable impact on performance in some scenes.-> If you are using an Apple Mac please read this post, otherwise you will get a crash.

Install the HD Textures Pack (HL: Gold hd):

This optional HD texture and sound pack is based on HL:GOLD by “Crowbar”.

  • This pack looks very good and has been tested by dozens of players. The performance impact is minimal to zero. It improves the wall textures and some sound files.

  • Installation details and download available here.

Comparison between vanilla models and valve_hd model

Improving performance! (Do this!)

I recommend you to use the “Lambda1vr LAUNCHER” (find it on sidequest) you can set the belov settings there nice and easy with some sliders. No commandline editing necessary with the launcher.

Lambda1VR runs at the Quest’s native 72Hz most of the time (Super stable on Quest 2). But there are cases it will drop below this target. If this bothers you, here are a couple measures you can take to improve performance:

  • Enable VBO in video options. (Note: This setting can cause small graphical glitches when using the flashlight, glitches will disappear when a new level section is loaded.)

  • Edit your commandline.txt in the xash folder to look like this:xash3d -log –supersampling 1.25 –msaa 2 –cpu 4 –gpu 4 -game HL_Gold_HD (that is if you use the HD pack)xash3d -log –supersampling 1.25 –msaa 2 –cpu 4 –gpu 4(if you don’t use the hd pack)

  • This guide explains it in detail.

Player’s manual

  • Throw grenades using natural arm movements.

  • You can smash boxes and enemies using real crowbar swings.

  • Hold weapons with two hands to reduce spread!

  • Motion sickness: Press the Y button to enter the “cinema mode” if you feel unwell. Good for the intro!

  • The Anti-Motion-Sickness-Mask: Activate the mask in option -> video.

  • The game pauses to load every 20-60 seconds in the introduction. This is normal – Valve made the game like this.

  • Play the Hazard Course to learn the game basics. Most important lesson: using ladders, the crouch jump and jumping onto ladders.

  • When jumping far off ladders, let go of the jump button before you reach the ladder, or else you will bounce off.

  • Climb ladders by walking up to it and then point the off-hand controller upwards!

  • If you are stuck in the game, consult any of the hundreds of the Half-Life walkthroughs available online. I suggest this one.

  • There is also a cheat menu in the Options menu.

  • Press a button by pointing the right controller in the direction and press right thumbstick.


These are the default controlls.

See the full controller mapping on

For those who don’t like the default controller mapping, check out the in game options. You can choose between a few different control schemes!


  • Holding weapons with two hands will reduce bullet spread.

  • You can aim down the sights just like you would in other VR FPS games (like Pavlov), or use the laser sights.

  • To quickly equip the crowbar (after you’ve obtained it!), reach behind your back and wait for a small rumble. Squeeze the grip button to equip, and after vanquishing your wooden enemies, release it to go back to your previous weapon.

Customizing controls & comfort options

Picture shows options in version 1.4.0. Later versions have even more options!

You can choose between several button mappings. See options. See screenshot for more.

Half-Life Mods / Blueshift & Opposing Force

Blue Shift and Opposing Force:

Follow the instructions on the projects website

To quickly switch between the different HL games, i recommend this most excelent Launcher for lambda1vr


All users will encounter glitches. 3DoF support only.

Other Mods:

There are a lot of mods for Half-Life out there, but not all work on the xash3d engine and only very few will run glitch free in VR without additional work. If a mod uses a custom library (dll files) they most likely will have some glitches at some point in the game.

Some of the best mods ever are listed here. Just go on and try.

They Hunger! – Seems to work, thanks to a fellow redditor!

Command Line and Console / Cheat codes

Command Line Parameters:

It is possible to supply command line parameter to the xash engine (and the Lambda1VR wrapper) using the commandline.txt file. More info on the GitHub page.

Console commands / Cheat codes:

A file can be found in the xash/{game}/ folder called commands.lst, it contains the following as an example:

“Enable Cheats” “sv_cheats 1” “God Mode” “god” “Give Crowbar” “give weapon_crowbar” “Give Suit” “give item_suit” “Give All Weapons” “impulse 101” “No Clip” “noclip”

In the in-game console commands menu you will see the above commands (just labelled as Console for now).

To use a cheat, go to options, console and click the first entry to activate the cheats, then click the cheat you want to apply. If it does not work on first try, do it again.

Credits & donations

Visit for more info and to donate if you wish! Also check out his other awesome projects r/questzDoom, r/Quake2Quest and r/quakegearvr.

Thanks DrBeef & baggyG, you did an outstanding job!

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