Roblox Cheats and Cheat Codes, Xbox One

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Roblox Cheats and Cheat Codes, Xbox One

Download Roblox Cheats and Cheat Codes, Xbox One for FREE

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Roblox Guide

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Go and buy one of the bigger most expensive houses in Roblox gta 5 and youll find if you buy one of the smaller houses first the game will give you more money in your mail box but in Roblox on gta 5 buy a smaller house then a bigger house behind one of the smaller house make sure it’s directly behind one of the smaller houses and what your going to do cause of course gta 5 for roblox will give you a free car at the start grab the chevy muscle car and then drive around intel you get enough money to buy a smaller house. Once you have the money youll need for the SMALL house youll buy that and drive around some more but reminder youll be getting thousands of dollars from your mail box just the game gives you money so after you have waited and drove for about 5 minutes strait and drifted and other stuff go to your house you just bought and walk up and bump the mail box it will transfer the amount of money it has previously shown on the top of the box into your inventory then youll need around 250’000$$$ to buy the bigger house buy the bigger house and then drive around and wait at the bigger house what will happen is ever 5 seconds to 10 seconds it will put 10’000 dollars into the box and that bulds up I have left my house in game and went to buy a tommy gun came back and there was 256’000 dollars waiting for me to collect hope this worked for you thanks

Roblox Achievements

There are 11 achievements for Roblox.


Try playing a ROBLOX game.

3 Day Roll

Play ROBLOX for Xbox on 3 consecutive days.

10 Day Roll

Play ROBLOX for Xbox on 10 consecutive days.

20 Day Roll

Play ROBLOX for Xbox on 20 consecutive days.


Play 15 different ROBLOX games.

Four’s Company

Get into a ROBLOX Game with 3 of your Xbox friends!

Strength in Numbers

Join an Xbox party and play ROBLOX for Xbox.


Play 5 different ROBLOX games.


Play one ROBLOX Game for one hour.

One Name, Many Faces

Change your avatar’s appearance by equipping a different avatar.


Rate 5 ROBLOX Games using the in-app rating tool. You must play the game before rating it.


Click here to see them all.


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