How to install Minecraft mods on a Mac

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How to install Minecraft mods on a Mac

Download How to install Minecraft mods on a Mac for FREE

My most popular post of all time by far is a documentation page about how to install Minecraft mods on a Mac. Nothing else I’ve ever written has come anywhere close to the popularity of that post. I guess no one really cares how I spent my weekend but clearly a lot of people want to know how to hack Minecraft.

I wrote that old post after going through the process of installing mods for my then seven-year-old son who was determined to play mods. That was almost four years ago and is now out of date so here’s an updated version. Enjoy!

There are three main steps – install Forge, create a mods folder, install mods. I’m using macOS High Sierra.

Install Forge

  1. Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge from here (choose the Installer):


  2. Navigate to the downloads folder and find the file you downloaded. It will end with xxxxx-installer.jar. Right-click the file with your mouse and choose “Open”.
  3. Select “Install Client” from the next screen and click OK.

Create mods folder

  1. Open Finder on your Mac and go to Go > Library in the menu.


  2. Go to Application Support > minecraft in Finder and create a new folder called mods. This is where your mods will go.

Install mods

  1. Find the mod on the web you want to install and download the file to your computer. It will be a file ending in .jar.
  2. Drag and drop the downloaded file into your new mods directory in the ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods folder.

You’re now ready to play the new mod!

When you launch Minecraft be sure to select Forge from the Play menu.


Like this:

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