Alpha (COD Cold War) – 24 Hours

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Alpha (COD Cold War) – 24 Hours

Download Alpha (COD Cold War) – 24 Hours for FREE

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 * Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004 or 20H2).

 * Requires Fullscreen resolution


 – Player ESP showing: Name, Health, Weapon, Distance, Grenade ESP, Bone/Skeleton, 2D Bounding Boxes, Visibility check, Show Team, Colision Box 2D, Max ESP Distance, Full Loot Items ESP.

 – Custom Aim Key, Custom OnPress Bone Key, Auto Aim, Bone Aim (Head / Spine / Helmet / Any), Aim Priority, Aim At Downed, Max Aim Distance, Auto Fire, Auto Zoom, Aim Angle, Humanized Aim smooth, Smoth Speed, Fire Delay, TriggerBot, No Recoil.

 – 2D Radar, These features work only on zombie mode: Show Host Info, God Mode, Weak Zombies, Zombie Teleport Toggle, Zombie Teleport Position, Unlimited Ammo, Give zCash, Give 10,000.

  – XP Multiplier for Weapons and Level.


Alpha COD: Black Ops Cold War Video:


Cold War – Alpha Menu:


menu1.png menu2.png

menu3.png menu4.png







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