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Settings explained, step by step:

1 . This is your aimbot FOV (Field Of View). The aimbot will only detect/attack targets within this FOV field. You can increase/decrease its size (explained further down below).

2 . Your customizable Aim Key. Set this to a button you can quickly reach. This button activates the aimbot while holding it down. Without this button held down, the aimbot will not attack targets.

3 . The Aim mode drop down let’s you choose between on where the aimbot should focus on. You can choose head, upper body and body. We recommend leaving it on “Aim upper body” for the best legit looking results.

4 . The Overwatch mode drop down menu decides over if the Ai is trying to recognize enemies by detecting their health or by health and the actual player model. We recommend using “Lifebar + Player model” in this mode, for best results.

5 . The Smoothness/Speed slider value decides over how fast and legit looking the aimbot will flick on the target hitbox. Turning the value up will increase the speed and will look less legit, the higher you turn it up. The lower this value the more legit the aimbot value will look (guides for the best legit and rage settings are listed further down below)

6 . This is the setting to adjust your Aimbot FOV (explained above). A too small FOV (below 200) might have a negative impact on the aimbot player detection.

7 . The Lifebar confidence setting decides over how sure the Artificial Intelligence needs to be about if it recognized a enemy lifebar in your FOV, before marking it as a target. We recommend having a Aim confidence level of “0.25” or slightly higher to not make the aimbot attack objects which aren’t a player. Lower this setting if the bot is not recognizing player models well enough

8 . Same as the setting above (lifebar confidence), but focused on the player model. We also recommend having a value of “0.25” here for good results.

9 . You can turn off the Aimbot FOV box by unchecking this option (once you press F11 ) to toggle off the aimbot menu, the FOV field won’t be shown anymore but will still be active. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be turned OFF!

10 . Turns off the whole aimbot FOV area, even if the menu is active. Recommended to be left on.

11 . With this slider you can change the height of your aimbot FOV

12 . Your customizable quit hotkey (aka panic button). Pressing this button will close the whole client immediately.

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