NICKMERCS Has Made His Own Anti Cheat For Warzone

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NICKMERCS Has Made His Own Anti Cheat For Warzone

Download NICKMERCS Has Made His Own Anti Cheat For Warzone for FREE

Since Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff rose to popularity by dominating Tilted Towers on Fortnite whilst being one of the most accustomed characters on Twitch, he has earnt a massive following of devoted fans.

Having started his gaming career as a professional player in Gears of War and Halo, he used his following to begin making content around Call of Duty before jumping on the Fortnite hype train where he broke the world record for the total kills in a single game. Since then, the 30-year-old American content creator recently moved back over to Call of Duty with the release of Warzone, and has dominated viewing charts ever since. 

As the fourth most-watched Twitch streamer of 2020, NICKMERCS has rocketed to a humongous status within the community and has now taken Warzone’s biggest bugbear into his own hands. NICKMERCS has created an anti-cheat system after Activision has neglected the problem for months.

However, his anti-cheat system may not be what you expect, and it involves learning the ways of the dark side. Not to fear, he’s hardly the sith lord, although he may have a red lightsaber assassin at his disposal. 

NICKMERCS has a devoted stream sniper named “Jerome” who has his own hacks and uses this power solely on hackers within Nick’s lobbies.

The viral Tik Tok shows Nick playing duos and giving a shoutout to one of the stream snipers that populate his lobbies. When questioned about the legitimacy of Jerome, Nick states “he is a hacker, like Jerone has it, he can turn them on. But he doesn’t hack anymore”. Following further interrogation from his fellow teammate – the recent winner of the FaZe Five competition Nick “NioRooch” Katamyschew – Nick added, “he only hacks if they hack us”. 

Later in the same game, Nick gets virtually deleted from a suspected hacker, to where Jerome steps up to the plate and eliminates them before Nick is finished off, leaving just him and the hacker left and subsequently winning the FaZe duo the game. 

The morals of this method have been scrutinised somewhat by viewers of the clip, although if Activision can’t install anti-cheat software then other means must surely be made to combat cheaters.


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