How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update)

How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat Update - Download How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update) for FREE - Free Game Hacks

How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update)

Download How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update) for FREE

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How to Cheat PUBG Mobile 2020 – Playing GAME does pre-empt games that are trained like PUBG Cars with friends. The PUBG Mobile game itself is reaping its success in 2019 after displacing several well-known Android games such as Mobile Lagend. Gamers who are tired of playing Mobile legend games have begun to play this one game.

Before officially present at Playstore PUBG first, present on the next PC device following Android and also the Playstation. The news of the presence of Car PUBG on Andriod smartphone devices has been responded positively by Gamers who love the game with the Battle Royal genre. Moreover, the applications that are on this Playstore can be downloaded for free, unlike those on a paid PC.

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But playing PUBG games is not any problem, one of which is the smartphone specifications that do not support. Many users are disappointed because they have a cellphone that doesn’t work to play big games like PUBG. There are also users who are annoyed because their smartphones experience Lag when playing PUBG cars even though the specifications of the smartphone you already have specifications that are appropriate to play this one game.

List of the Latest PUBG Mobile Cheat Ways

How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update)

How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update)

To overcome this problem, my friend might need to read the previous MOBILE PHONE article about HOW TO PLAY PUBG WITHOUT LAG in the previous article. Or for my friend who is looking for a cheap smartphone that works to play PUBG games, you can see our recommendations on the Best Cheap Smartphone 2019. But this time TECHRIKI will discuss the latest PUBG Mobile Cheat.

Many of us are often upset because they play the PUBG MOBILE game but find a cheater. The cheaters themselves will ruin the fun of playing games like battel Royal because they will easily be able to defeat us with one shot or another way to win. Not intending to teach you to play dirty, but this time the mobile will provide a way to cheat Mobile PUBG.

1. Game Guardian Cheat Format

How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update)

How to Latest PUBG Mobile No ROOT 2020 Cheat (Update)

Game Guardian application has become one of the specters of applications that are frustrating especially for those gamers who always play clean. Where this one application has the ability to randomize any application as long as if combined with the right combination. Game Guardian itself is no longer available on Playstore, but my mobile friends don’t need to worry because they can still download it in many places. Here are the steps that need to be done.

  1. First have installed the original PUBG GAME in Playstore.
  2. Next, use Parallel Space.
  3. If you have already downloaded the Parallel Space application directly install and duplicate the PUBG game in the new space in the application.
  4. Next install Apk Game Guardian Download Here, after it is installed there will be 2 GG icons, open the SW icon, then select the default to install GameGuardian again so that the Game Guardian gets installed with a random name in the parallel space.
  5. Next, you clone the guardian game application with a random name on parallel space.
  6. Continue to download the Virtual Host application.
  7. In the Virtual Host, the application opens then selects the Re-select host file menu or navigate to the host’s file that you downloaded earlier.
  8. After that, the Virtual Hosts will automatically be marked with a green ON icon.
  9. And need to remember to install this application outside the Parallel space application.
  10. After the active virtual host you downloaded, now run parallel space.
  11. Guardian game continued in the application then start.
  12. After opening the game guardian application then select the PUBG game and run it.
  13. When the game is running, there will automatically be a game guardian icon at the top of the game.
  14. When the game is open the icon is not looking for the Execute script menu. Continue to choose the PUBG cheat script that has been prepared.
  15. If it is correct the script will be read in a few seconds. if it is read, the steps you have taken are correct.
  16. If the PUBG game is already in the lobby, then all you have to do is a file manager and then rename the OBB file named COM.TENCENT.IG in the Android / OBB folder.
  17. If successful in Rename, re-enter the PUBG game that was opened earlier.
  18. If it works then select the cheat feature you want, for example, color and WallHack.
  19. If so, start and play.

2. Applications and Files Must Download

Terms and Ways to do a PUBG Car Cheat Game is to have supporting files. Some applications and supporting files are also mandatory for mobile phone buckwheat to make the cheat performance smoother.

Especially for VPN, it can be used for friends who want to do the PUBG Cheat Game using a personal account to make it more secure. In the future, my friend will use Japan VPN or other countries if you want to use a VPN application that uses a Personal PUBG Mobile GAME account.

3. Others

PUBG Mobile through Tencent as the developer of the BATTLE ROYAL game, this one has given the game a long way to protect the game so that it is not easily broken by Cheater. This needs to be known, friend, although this method is quite successful when we try it, it does not rule out getting banned on your account. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally if later your PUBG Mobile account is exposed to Banned for using cheats like this. Therefore, we recommend that you use a new account.

You need to know how to cheat the game, it is better to consider it first because cheating is tarnishing the game. Although in the end my friend is also often disappointed because there are so many cheats in this one game. Thus the information that can be delivered TECHRIKI hopefully can be additional insights for all my friends.

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