PUBG Mobile Hack And Cheats : Collect Free UC BP & RP No Survey No Download

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PUBG Mobile Hack And Cheats : Collect Free UC BP & RP No Survey No Download

Download PUBG Mobile Hack And Cheats : Collect Free UC BP & RP No Survey No Download for FREE
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PUBG Mobile Hack Cheats

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG is a game to which the Gaming community has shown their undeniable loyalty in all form. PUBG Mobile is the handheld version which is also considered to gain enough popularity among the various age group.

Although growing rumours have been spread to ban the game due to its galactic addiction, still it is indisputable that in recent past the popularity of Battle Royale genre gained eminence due to this solo game.

Although in Battle Royale in-game currencies do not possess much of importance, in PUBG the micro transactions are kept minimal yet much necessary to play.

We will be providing you here all the PUBG mobile hack for collecting in-game currencies so that you could restrict yourself from in-app purchases.

PUBG Hacks Cheats to Get Battle Passes, Unknown Credit & Royal Passes

PUBG Mobile Battle Passes (BP)

The common in-game currency that is earned in PUBG Mobile is Battle pass (BP). Collecting BP is the easiest way if you engage yourself in the game for unlimited hours. However, there is some PUBG mobile hack that can give you BP without much of an effort.

Also, there are PUBG mobile cheats to earn a higher amount of BP through the same struggle. Following are all such tips clubbed together.

Tricks to Get BP (Battle Points)

Log-in Daily For Bonus Points

Daily Login can reward BP for your consistency. This day count starts 0:00 UTC and hence to be collected within this period. Daily Login Bonus in PUBG Mobile does not accumulate.

Complete A Match & Earn BP

You will get BP through each mission, campaigns and every match you play. However, the PUBG mobile hack to earn a massive amount of BP is to target to get a Chicken Dinner. Also, if you can eliminate a considerable number of opponents in the game, your BP rewards are enhanced.

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You will get many articles stating how to hack PUBG Mobile to get chicken dinner. But their methods contains PUBG mobile hack apk, which is detrimental to use.

Connect Social Network Accounts To Get BP

Popular Social media like Facebook, Game centre, Google play account is another lazy PUBG mobile hack that can give you BP for free. You can switch your device also if you are connected through these accounts. You will get 2000 BP as a reward for linking these accounts.

Receive BP From Friends

If you are connected in the above accounts, you can exchange BP among your friends. Frequently send and collect 50 BP with your friends.

Earn BP Through Missions

Playing daily challenges and missions are excellent PUBG mobile cheats to collect huge BP in rewards. But you must obtain these BP by tapping the bottom right of your screen “Collect”. If you don’t, you lose them.

Gather Points Via Event Rewards

Collection of your BP is massive when you play and with Events in PUBG Mobile. As event rewards, you are given Chicken Dinner Crates. Opening one such crate you can collect a minimum 150 BP which may be as higher as 300 BP also.

Uses of Coins in PUBG Mobile

Through all such PUBG mobile hacks you will be able to collect millions of BP. But how to use them wisely? Since this is the common currency, there is not much use we can suggest. But if you ensure the following PUBG mobile cheats, perhaps you will be in a better sire of the table.

Use BP to Complete RP Missions

RP missions are available through RP credits only. Though limited, there are special events which allow the players to play these missions spending BP as well. The cost of these RP missions is too higher so you must save a considerable amount of BP for them. These RP missions cost minimum 30,000 BP at times; may be higher.

These RP missions are a tremendous PUBG mobile hack to improve your player level, and in our opinion, you must not miss the chance to play them if you can spend enough BP.

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Purchase Soldier’s Crate With BP

Another use of your BP points is to purchase crates. Disappointing fact about the game is you cannot get premium crates through BP. But you can acquire Soldiers Crates at the following price:

CratesBP Required
First Purchase of Soldier Crate700 Passes
Crate No 21,400 Passes
Crate No 32,800 Passes
Crate No 44,200 Passes
Crate No 55,600 Passes
Crate No 67,000 Passes

No PUBG mobile mod apk can give you these Crates for free. You can get them through spending BP only.

PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash (UC)

PUBG mobile Unknown cash (UC) is another form of virtual currency that is stronger than BP and can gain a lot of stuff for you. While the usage of BP is limited in the game, UC has a considerable demand.

All the In-game upgrades of your gear required UC. Also, there is an option to buy various cosmetic upgrades by spending UC. PUBG is very strict in using PUBG mobile hack apk files, and you must not go for it.

How to Get Free Unlimited UC

Free unlimited UC is an untouched item, and you never get it from PUBG. Some sites are offering you free UC through their PUBG mobile cheats and generators. Never fall in this trap as you will not get anything from them. Instead, follow the methods below:

Use Bonus Challenge Battle Coins

Redeem your battle coins to get UC credits. When you win battles, you might be given Bonus Battle coins as rewards. You can exchange them for getting UC in the ratio of 10:1.

Upgrade to Elite RP

RP missions are another way to collect UC credit, but for that, you have to be Elite RP member. You get free UC for completing missions apart from the daily missions. There is a PUBG mobile hack that is essential to know. RP season battles can be played at any time, and you can claim rewards for the previous week. The only miss is the daily rewards that you can get once a day.

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PUBG Mobile Royal Passes (RP)

Royal passes are the gateway to play campaign mode in PUBG Mobile. You can have free and Elite passes. Elite passes cost you 500 UC. You can get them through premium purchase or prime plus membership.

Stay warned that playing through PUBG mobile mod apk can ban your membership or account.

Pro Hacks from Advanced Players of PUBG Mobile

Your Car is Your Best Portable Cover

In final circles, you face the selected few who will try to blow you up. In this scenario, having a Dacia or UAZ can be extremely beneficial even your opponent is near. Your car can give you additional protection, and if blown up, it will provide a place to hide. Use this PUBG mobile hack, and you get an additional advantage in your final safe zone.

Loot After You Shoot

In PUBG Mobile, you will encounter blood hunger, and they can be gunned down only to stay safe. This trick should be in your blood to shoot all enemies before you concentrate on the available loot.

From the start to the end your weapon should be at first place to use even you have PUBG Mobile cheats. Even when you don’t have any protection of your body, the tiny pistol that you get can save you from getting knocked out.

A Focused Cross hair is Essential

Stay focussed at your enemy even when you move. You might be behind a safe cover, and still, you cannot keep your enemy out of your crosshair. PUBG is a game for aiming and shooting the right target. So when your enemy is at your goal, you are one step ahead of slaying him down.

Use the Road

When you use the road, you may be easily spotted. But you can use this PUBG Mobile cheats if you have a car. With your vehicle, you can move fastest that can be a quicker option to reach the safe zone.

Stay On Edge

When you move through the edge of the safe zone, you will easily target the opponents trying to enter the circle. When others are concentrating on keeping them safe, they may not be focussing the enemies nearby. That is your time to kill.

But to use this, you must be in a safe place behind some guard. Same strategies are followed by many others, which can harm you.

Final Words

PUBG Mobile is very much addictive and engages you with their gameplay. All the above PUBG mobile cheats create a difference in gameplay, but your passion for Battle Royale is essential to stay till the end.

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