Destiny 2 & Valorant Cheat Makers Get Sued By Bungie & Riot Games

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Destiny 2 & Valorant Cheat Makers Get Sued By Bungie & Riot Games

Download Destiny 2 & Valorant Cheat Makers Get Sued By Bungie & Riot Games for FREE

Valorant and Destiny 2 developers, Riot Games and Bungie, team up to file lawsuit againts notorious cheat program developer, GatorCheats.

An infamous cheating-software developer is facing a lawsuit from Valorant and Destiny 2 developers, Riot Games and Bungie. This cheat developer, GatorCheats, is well-known for making cheat software for not only Valorant and Destiny 2, but plenty of other online games. An official complaint was filed in the Central District of California court on Friday naming Cameron Santos of GatorCheats, amongst others, guilty of the selling of “a portfolio of malicious cheats and hacks” to players through various back channels.

Bungie has previously issued a cease and desist to GatorCheats and another well known cheat shop, Perfect Aim. The cheat developer then notified its customers that while it would stop selling the cheat software, it would still offer ongoing support for the players that had already purchased the program. Bungie then went on to claim that GatorCheats was still selling the software through a private portion of its website. Riot and Bungie both claim that the damages received from GatorCheats’ actions “may amount to millions” of dollars.


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According to a complaint reported by Polygon, Riot and Bungie are looking for the courts to shut down the software developing operation altogether and reach a settlement that will recover a primary portion of the damages claimed. The official charges leveled against GatorCheats are alleged trafficking of cheating software and the creation of unfair competition. GatorCheats has not been available to comment on what kind of defense they might be taking in the upcoming trial.

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GatorCheats has sold its software through its website, Telegram, and Discord for quite some time. It offers the program for either $90 a month or a flat $500 rate, which gives customers access to the cheats for a lifetime. Bungie claims that GatorCheats has made “tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars” off of these software sales. The program in question contains various features such as an “aimbot” as well as features that allow the user to see other player’s health and loadouts.


Many developers have take aggressive actions against cheaters over the last couple of years such as Activision, Epic Games, and Ubisoft. Activision went on a warpath expelling cheaters from the popular Call of Duty: Warzone and releasing multiple waves of software hunters to weed these third-party program users out of the free-to-play game. With free-to-play games becoming more and more popular, it will become easier for cheat makers to develop and sell their products. This will not be the last case we see but it is good to see developers taking swift action against these individuals and groups.


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Source: Polygon

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